Tuesday Tip: Get Out Of The Way!

During the setup of a gig, and especially on changeover between soundchecks, there’s a lot of equipment and a lot of people onstage. It’s really easy for this to get stressful and slow everybody down, tripping over each other.

Live Sound Tip: Get Out Of The Way

In my experience running stages for events large and small – the easiest thing is for everyone to get out of each others’ way.
Smart drummers will get to the gig early and set up their kit (on the “drum mat… you have one of those right?(*)) first, then they’re done – and can chill out while 3 guitarists fight over whose 1960a 4×10 is getting shared throughout the night.
Anybody with pedals will obviously need more time to set up, as will laptop setups, etc. etc. – and singers tend to stand front & centre until the exact moment they’re asked to do a linecheck, at which point they’ll go for a cigarette.
However, jokes aside – let the band get themselves set up onstage (with reminders that you’re on a schedule if necessary), give them the space to do it, and then ask to have the stage for 5 minutes while you whizz round and mic/cable everything together.
Usually the band will thank you, as they can go to the bar or talk to girls while you do all the techy stuff in a swift, efficient manner.

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